¡TONE UP! at Excelsia College, Macquarie Park | TUE 23 – THU 25 JANUARY 2024

¡TONE UP! – Early & New Sacred Polyphony

Apply here (applications before 7 January recommended)

A three-day ensemble-singing workshop on the music of William Byrd and Antony Pitts, hosted by Excelsia College. Applicants should be able to sing one to a part and quickly familiarise themselves with potentially demanding new music. The course fee of $150 includes morning tea and lunch, and all musical scores, which will be provided beforehand; unsuccessful applicants will be refunded the full amount.

Tuesday 23 January 1000–1630
Wednesday 24 January 1000–1630
Thursday 25 January 1000–1630
Excelsia College, 69-71 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park 2113, NSW

William Byrd was the pre-eminent English composer of the late 16th century. Our selection of music includes his “four last songs” and sacred music for 3 to 9 voices from throughout his long career during turbulent times.

Antony Pitts is a composer, conductor, William Byrd Fellow at Excelsia College, founder of TONUS PEREGRINUS & TONUS AUSTRALIS, and former Artistic Director of The Song Company. The stylistic inspiration for these selected movements from his monumental Requiem for the Time of the End range from jazz to minimalism.

Excelsia College is a tertiary educational institution and academic community with a Christian worldview, and has an active School of Creative And Performing Arts.

Libera me – https://youtu.be/rJoS-HAkMw0?si=qhfL_9jgZwvhw-Qx

Music selected from:


Domine quis habitabit (1560s)
Diliges Dominum (1575)
Nunc dimittis (Third Service “Three Minims”, before 1580)
Quomodo cantabimus (1583)
Agnus Dei (Mass for four voices, c.1592)
Sanctus (Mass for three voices, c.1593)
Kyrie (Mass for five voices, c.1594)
Look down, O Lord; Be unto me; I laid me down; Come help, O God (1614, The teares or lamentacions of a sorrowfull soule)


Libera me (1987, first published by Faber Music)
There is a green hill (1990)
Adoro Te devote (1999/2019, for TONUS PEREGRINUS, extended Latin version for The Song Company)
Love bade me welcome (2014, for the Choir of New College, Oxford)
Pie Jesu (2015, for the Choir of King’s College, London)
Requiem aeternum (2019)

Apply here (applications before 7 January recommended

Antony Pitts

International conductor, composer, and producer Antony Pitts has over 30 years’ experience in choral directing, founding TONUS PEREGRINUS while at New College, Oxford, and leading The Song Company, Australias national vocal ensemble, as Artistic Director for seven years.  He is the inaugural William Byrd Fellow, and Excelsia Ambassador at Excelsia College.

Formerly a Hampton Court Chapel Royal treble, New College Oxford Academic and Honorary Senior Scholar, Royal Academy of Music Senior Lecturer, and BBC Radio 3 Senior Producer, his music has been performed at Londons Wigmore Hall and Westminster Cathedral, Amsterdams Concertgebouw, Berlins Philharmonie Kammermusiksaal, and the Sydney Opera House, including a 50-part motet commissioned by Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, called XLX Mente cordis sui.

Antony is skilled in inspiring confidence and bringing out the best in all he works with, nurturing singers 'development through community workshops and training programs for emerging artists. Amateur and professional singers alike can refine their skills through Antonys intimate musical knowledge, unique approach to historically informed performance from original notation, and extensive performance and recording experience in diverse genres.


A truly unforgettable experience, both as to learning and enjoyment. Antonys knowledge and experience stood out clearly, as did his patience. I would be happy to recommend the workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the company and the enthusiasm of everyone who took part.”

(Bob Jordan, participant in the inaugural ¡TONE UP!, Sydney, Jan 2023)